what? no drop-in classes?

At BB, we're committed to delivering the highest-quality, personalized training your money & precious time can offer! We don’t want you to pay for a “class pass," then not use it — you won’t get the training you really want, and we won’t get to brag about how amazingly fit we’ve helped you to get. Committing to a regular exercise routine is safest and most effective. We know BB is worth the commitment, and we think you will, too..

but my pelvic floor is, well, ravaged.

Not to worry. At BB, we specialize in working with pregnant & postpartum women, so symptoms like diastasis recti & pelvic floor dysfunction are things we see every day. First, we recommend you view our core database to inform yourself. Next, we recommend you are under the care of a pelvic health physiotherapist. Our personal training & classes strengthen your core in safe, effective positions, and we focus on proper alignment to strengthen you from the inside out.

i want all the training. tell me more.

We offer online fitness and nutrition training to mamas worldwide, plus at-home training and in-person group classes in the Toronto area. We have packages available to combine our services into the perfect training program for you, whether you're near us or in the Alaskan wilderness. If you have an idea of the type of training you'd like, just send us a note -- we're flexible. That's basically a prerequisite of motherhood, right?


i'm not really "postpartum," so, um...

Our BB evening/weekend classes are open to mamas of all ages and stages, and many of our clients enjoy training in these classes after their maternity leaves have ended! You can also enjoy totally personalized at-home or online training, or recruit a few friends for a “Custom BB” group in your basement or local park; we’ll send one of our fab BB trainers to you, and rates can be as affordable as our regularly scheduled classes.

what if my baby is super cranky?

We've got you covered. Our BB trainers are mamas themselves and experts at managing loads of mamas & babes. Babies are welcome at all personal training sessions! In group classes, babies spend time in strollers, out on mats or blankets (depending on season), or in carriers, depending on age, stage and what kind of mood they might be in. We recommend you bring a supportive front- or back-carrier to both indoor and outdoor classes.

how can i start a bb near me?

Everybody wants a BB! We get it. Our hiring and training standards are pretty important to us, because our clients (you) are super important to us. We are currently offering BB Instructor Training to qualified fitness pros and will soon expand to a certification. If you have a BB location to suggest, or if you have a fitness background & want to deliver award-winning BB training to your clients, let us know. We can't wait to chat!