No equipment? No childcare? No experience?

No problem.

This training gives me the motivation to set aside time for myself daily and guilt-free.
— Natalie R., Happy BB client

feel strong and supported.

You take care of everyone. We take care of you. For less than the price of daily lattes, you can have your own personal trainer & lifestyle mentor. Confidante. Coach. Friend. Whip-cracker. But unlike those bargain basement gym trainers, you're working with a super qualified & experienced BB Personal Trainer you can trust.

look as good as you feel.

Imagine the heads turning when you walk into the room and you're projecting your best self: calm, cool & captivating. Your skin is bright, your face is youthful, your body is strong and your heart is light. You don't need a home gym, a ton of fancy equipment or much free time to work out at home. We've helped hundreds of mamas of all stages and ability levels build long-lasting, effective exercise routines. Imagine how amazing you'll feel when you stop looking for the "perfect" program or perfect moment, & start making progress!

be the mama you're meant to be.

Get exactly what you need to reach your goals, whether you want to run a 5K, show off ripped arms , or just not pee yourself when you play with your kids. No templates or boring downloads here. Every single session, and every home workout delivered by your trainer, is just for you & 100% customized to your body and goals.

And because we specialize in pregnancy & postpartum fitness, you can feel confident that your core and pelvic floor will be considered and cared for. We work hand in hand with physiotherapists to ensure your workouts, and our standards, comply with the latest research. 

Not only did I achieve the physique goals I had set for myself, I surpassed them. I am the most fit I have been in 10 years. I love the way I feel and the energy I have, all because of the support and motivation I’ve received.


Flexible. Affordable. TAILORED TO YOU.


You can do this!

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You deserve this.

There is a way out of the pain, discomfort, fatigue and bad body image you’re struggling with right now. There is a science to training a pregnant body or re-building a mama’s body after birth. And it’s what we do.

I get customized workout programs for my body type. My trainer has kept me moving, even through a couple minor injuries, and made sure that I didn’t push myself in the wrong ways. I absolutely recommend it!

Let us help.

Say goodbye to feeling alone. Say goodbye to wondering "Is this safe?" and "Am I doing this right?" Get live video workouts with your trainer, daily check-ins and support, personalized & regularly updated home workouts, customized pelvic floor & core work for your stage of motherhood, plus exclusive offers on group classes and live & online events.

No more googling exercises. No more “falling off the wagon.” No more body-shaming diets. No more hating your body. No more worrying that you might hurt yourself. No more feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.

Make a decision to take care of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest!


Bring BB home.

We’ll fit your workouts to your space & your life.


flexible, affordable coaching

At BB, we offer totally personalized online fitness and nutrition training. Work one-on-one with your BB trainer and new BFF to reach your goals. Choose to work just on exercise, or just on nutrition and meal planning, or combine fitness & nutrition training for the ultimate lifestyle transformation.


That’s less than a latte per day, or a couple of nights of takeout each month. And when’s the last time takeout made you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world? Start putting your money and energy where it matters and we’ll ensure you’ve got exactly the support you need.

Customize your training package for weekly or biweekly training, include optional nutrition coaching or even BB group classes, to get exactly the coaching you need, on a monthly budget that works perfectly for you.   





It sometimes feels like fitness is the last thing I can manage but my BB personal training keeps me accountable every single day. I definitely feel I’m stepping up my game!
— Amanda J., happy BB client

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